Another Batch of Spring Steelhead Photos

I have some photos from Roy’s pre-storm trip a week ago.  Hope you enjoy them.  The river has dropped back down to 544 CFS as of mid-day today,  with the spring run finally arriving now that all the fishermen have come and gone.

It is amazing how much snow we had just a week ago…

He titled this photo “High Water”… Um, nope. That came a few days later, when the river was over the banks at 1630 CFS. They only had about 400 CFS to contend with…

And now the obligatory trophy shots… Chrome-bright!

Another chromer

Do all these fish look identical to you? Are they just handing it back and forth for the photos?

Well, these look different.

Like I said,  most people have already come and gone for the spring run.  Now,  the run is finally coming in.  Timing on the steelhead run can really be a craps shoot and this year it is coming in very late.  One of the Fish and Game guys popped in today and heavily suggested I get my butt out on the river NOW.  More on that later…

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