Internet is Back

Not exactly the best eek to have the HughesNet internet die on me…  I had government forms and applications to get in on Thursday,  only to wake that morning unable to submit anything.  Bummer!

OK,  fishing is great!  Flows are still around 300 CFS right now,  with a LOT of fish throughout.  Had two guys float from the lake and they said the fish in the far upper river are really thick.  Once they floated down to where the people started,  the fish thinned out.  But…  the fish are still really good throughout.  Group-size gets smaller the farther down you go,  but there are groups of 5-6 steelhead everywhere.

Jacques came in today…  first time on the river this morning.  He said there were groups of 5-6 for much of the lower river,  with pairs and triplets scattered everywhere else.  All the fish seemed to be pushing pretty hard until he reached the Ox Bow.  They are settling in and grouping up there.

Several groups have been floating the river from the bridge and all said it was pretty productive.  After the flows dropped,  we ended up with a couple bright sunny days that knocked the edge off the productivity,  but we are now back to at least three days of rain in our near-term.  Tonight and tomorrow morning should be pretty heavy rains,  but it thins out to drizzle after that.

Looks like yet another good week ahead.  It had been relatively crowded out there at 9 Mile,  but most of the weekend crowd seems to have dissipated today.  Just two camping groups.  The ferry arrived yesterday,  but doesn’t look like anyone came off it.

Back to catching up on my delinquent e-mail pile…

3 responses to “Internet is Back

  1. I know the big guy Jon Madison came off the ferry….two more days till I get there and hit the river!

  2. Bob,

    I was there for only Sat/Sun. A real quick trip before heading back to Afgjanistan (I am typing this from the Airport in Dubai).

    I stopped in to the Fly Shop to say HELLO. I chatted with Teen for a few minutes. Also, I met Chris on the river with a pretty young lady that works for the Forest Service.

    I fished both days from the Boundary back down to the Bridge. I saw quite a few fish scattered throughout the river. I hooked a few (though they were typically reluctant in the sun). I landed a fraction of those that I hooked. I had moderate success with Blue/Black Streamer and also Peach Flesh Fly.

    I wish I could have stayed longer. Maybe I will try a November trip.


  3. How is the river looking now after all the rain?

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