Situk Update

This past weekend,  the commercial fishery everywhere died.  Even over at Manby,  where they had been going gangbusters for the past couple weeks.  Extremely dry and hot weather is keeping the sockeye out to sea in cooler waters.

Situk did have a bit of a push the past couple days,  topping 41,000 through the weir.  Running about 20,000 behind last year’s numbers.  East has been slow and Akwe has been non-existent.  But…  we are supposed to be hit by a storm in the next few days.  Overcast has settled in today with a light wind out of the southeast.  Here’s hoping for some much needed rain.  With some cool added moisture,  everything should change.

Guys coming into the shop from the Situk have been saying consistently that the fishing isn’t good,  but isn’t bad either.  Just OK.  You can usually get your limit,  but that is only three fish right now.

I just talked with Fish and Game…  they are NOT expecting to raise the Situk sockeye limit this season.  Don’t come hoping or expecting that to happen.  But if this rain comes and we see a big surge,  well all bets are off.  Also,  two days ago,  30 kings passed through then weir.  They now have 75% of the escapement goal met.  We may be able to limp over that line over the next couple weeks.

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