Another Week, Another Cancelled Akwe Opener

Just found out they have closed the Akwe for another week due to lack of fish/lack of interest…  The water is so low and clear and warm,  no sockeye want to go up it.  Hordes of fish in the New Italio though.  That water is icy cold.  We have light drizzle today,  which is not enough to change the river flows,  but at least it is in the right direction!

This morning,  we have an all-time new flow record on the Situk.  The lowest flow had been 75 cfs for this date and now it is 73.  Woo,  hoo!  It is supposed to rain heavily over the weekend,  which is exactly what we need.

The weir counts have topped 43,500,  which is about 20,000 behind last year.  They will definitely reach their goals,  but not by much.  Unless there is just a huge load of fish holding in cooler water off shore just looking for a flood.  There are already a handful of silvers in the Situk,  with more and more pinks every day…

With the rain coming,  if we did get to fish,  the river would flush all the moss out and wipe us out anyway.  I can’t say I was excited about that prospect,  so I’m good with another closure.  It’ll give me a couple extra days to work on the toilets and water here at the hangar.  There is no water system here at the airport,  so each business has to put in their own well.  We will be collecting rainwater off the roof to hold in a cistern.  The ground water is 1) heavily contaminated by 75 years of who knows what,  2) we have naturally occurring arsenic and 3) it is so extremely hard and full of minerals,  you can barely clean anything with it.  The rain water is (usually) plentiful,  plus nice and soft.

When we eventually build the restaurant,  we’ll have to punch a 5″ well casing down 100 feet through a few layers of clay to get to the clean uncontaminated water.  In the meantime,  rainwater will make our potties flush!  Hopefully by Tuesday,  when we have the first of our two small cruise ships visiting town.  Toilets are handy for that…

4 responses to “Another Week, Another Cancelled Akwe Opener

  1. You gotta have flushing toilets for the tourists. It’s amazing what you have to go through. Good luck on the tourist from the cruise ships.

    • My long-suffering wife and kids have been without a flushing toilet for 3 years… But if it takes 90 tourists dumped in my lap to finally get off my butt and finish the water, whatever works…

  2. One step at a time. Deep breath-next!
    Love you

  3. Hopefully they will buy some fly fishing gear while using your restroom. See you in a couple of months.

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