Daily Archives: July 28, 2016

Another Banner Week

Yep!  Sockeye fishing so good,  they closed the Akwe for another week.  My commercial season is now over,  with about 2,000lbs total catch for both Tanis and my nets.  This is going to be a dark winter…

We have had nearly continuous drizzle for over a week,  which brought flows up to only about 300 CFS,  but a lot of mud and turbidity.  Going over a month without significant rain meant the gravel was full of sediment and this little flood washed all that out and into the water.  Needless to say,  fishing has been a little s-l-o-w.

On the Situk,  the weir count passed the 45,000 mark – running about 20,000 behind last year.  The commercial fisheries in the bay that had been doing good – died.  There doesn’t seem to be any fish out there waiting to come in.  The water is higher and cooler,  so they have no excuses for not coming in now…

The East River was really the only bright spot,  with a pretty good run coming in there this year.  I think the sockeye season is now essentially over.  We’ll probably see another 10-20,000 come into the Situk,  but the pinks are increasing now and we’ll have them taking over.  A handful of silvers have been caught in the Situk and trollers have had some good days in the bay.

Alaska Warbird Museum Posts

For those of you who would like to continue to follow what is happening with the hangar renovation and the Alaska Warbird Museum,  I’m separating that from the regular blog and it’ll have it’s own HomePage and blog.  Feel free to go to www.akwarbirds.org to stay in the loop with that.  You can easily subscribe to new blog posts and updates there.

In the meantime,  we are one week away from our 75th anniversary celebration and fly-in/air-show.  Commemorating the grand opening of the Yakutat Army Air Base.  They spent a year building it to be an advanced bomber base for a war we were not in and had their grand opening 3 months before Pearl Harbor…  What did we know and when did we know it…?

Tentatively scheduled to appear – Alaska Air National Guard,  a 1941 Navy Grumman Goose,  possibly 2 t-6’s giving rides and our Lt. Governor and weather depending,  we could see as many as 200+ aircraft flying into little ol’ Yakutat.  If that’s the case,  come see me completely melt down and collapse in a nervous breakdown!  If the weather is bad,  we could be having a quiet little family dinner in the hangar instead…

Events are scheduled to begin at noon Friday August 5th,  with hangar banquet dinner scheduled for 6pm.  Saturday morning starts early with Yakutat’s regular Fairweather Day celebration at Cannon Beach (home of our two 6″ Coastal Defense Guns).

Again,  new web site for the Alaska Warbird Museum is www.akwarbirds.org.