Warmer and Clouds Rolling In

The extremely cold temps continued since my last post,  so I didn’t see any point in telling you everything is the same…  Again…  But now we do finally have a change on the horizon!  We currently have a thin overcast layer covering Yakutat and the forecast is for snow for the next several days.  Not any big accumulations,  but we are breaking out of the single digit streak and getting closer to the upper 20’s/low 30’s.

Teen and I were going to drive out to the bridge and lower landing to see what the river looked like,  but it didn’t happen.  I’m blaming the %$#@ Daylight Savings Time!  That or the Russians…  Word is that 9 Mile has been completely frozen over for about a week.  It really isn’t expected to get above freezing in the coming week,  so I’m not expecting the river to start popping steelhead any time soon,  but at least the trend is starting to get a little closer to where we want it to be.

All the gages are still frozen and non-functional.


One response to “Warmer and Clouds Rolling In

  1. Bob:

    I really enjoy your blogs. Be up for steelhead the end of April/1st of May.


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