Daily Archives: February 17, 2018

Warming Up

Chris and Adam hiked up to Situk Lake this week just to see what it was looking like up there.  Thick lake ice,  but water was flowing out from under the shelf at around 50 CFS.  They looked downstream a ways,  but didn’t see any fish in the upper river at all.

This week,  we have seen some warmer weather,  with some mixed rain and snow.  Today is back to gorgeous clear skies with a high air temp just reaching around 33 F at the airport and not quite 31 F at the bridge.  Water temp popped up to 37 degrees and basically stayed up there for 4 days.  That broke the flow gage loose from the ice and is now showing 129 CFS earlier today,  but has dropped back down to 109 this evening as the snow freezes back up and stops flowing into the river.

Chris was supposed to float it today.  It’ll be a long slow drag at 109,  so doubt I’ll hear from him tonight.  But it is looking like the ice has broken out of the river and it is flowing.  Not much flow,  but not desperately low either.  Next change of some rain and/or snow is looking like Wednesday.  Other than an occasional lonely stray,  I doubt there are many fish in the river right now (just too cold still),  but we seem to be trending up a bit and hopefully if we see some real precip,  we’ll have some conditions that may be favorable for landing one or two fresh steelhead early.

I’ll update you if Chris calls in,  but if not…