Not so Bad Yet…

Well,  when I started typing this post this morning,  flow was still down at 389 CFS after raining all night.  Quarter after one and the flow is up to 441.  We’ve reached saturation and now the river is spiking fast.  But still very fishable today…  Tomorrow…  Don’t hold your breath.  Weather Service has updated the weather warning to show an ADDITIONAL 6 inches possible before this is done.  And it is looking like rain through at least Monday morning.

2 responses to “Not so Bad Yet…

  1. Bob,

    I was up there a few weeks ago and stopped in to chat with you and pick up a few things. Fishing was a bust as you may remember and super crowded up there. Thinking about making another run at it starting on the 21st. Will there still be Steelhead fishing to do? If so, will they all be colored up or still some chrome to catch?

    Thanks Bob!

  2. Bob,

    Thinking about coming up tomorrow. How is the Steelhead fishing. You not posting has m thinking it might not be good.


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