Can We Look Toward Silvers Already?

Hoping to think about something better than the current sockeye situation…  Silvers will be right around the corner.  As I mentioned,  I flew down to Sitka last week and passing the rivers,  I took some pictures of how the river mouths are looking this year.

Old Italio:


Looks pretty normal.  Not a lot of fish hold in the lower river,  so most fishing is upwards toward the creek and above.  Between where the creek enters and the water spreads out over the flats,  each curve cuts a hole that silvers stack up in.


Middle Italio:

Middle Italio has a huge sweeping curve at the mouth.  Id expect there to be 5 really good holding holes down there below my cabin,  providing the loop remains and doesn’t cut through to an Ox Bow.  Absolutely no hole in front of my cabin this year.  It has completely filled in and was just a braided flat when we were last out there on the ground.

New Italio/Akwe:

The confluence looks pretty normal,  with a nice deep hole where the New Italio enters the Akwe.  The Akwe continues its march down the coast toward Yakutat.  It dumps into the ocean well this side of the old Italio River Adventures camp.  The old trail through there now goes around a curve and drops off 20 feet into the water.  Be careful if you are riding the Ryman Camp ATV through there!  The Akwe is growing longer,  but it isn’t gaining any gradient.  The river below the confluence is just a big-wide flat with no place for fish to hold once they get through the gauntlet of seals at the mouth.



Looks pretty normal.  I did NOT see any kings in the mouth as I flew over.  This should be the prime window for kings there,  but they don’t always nose their way into the East and can go straight into the Alsek.  I heard Alsek is having a good king run this season.

One response to “Can We Look Toward Silvers Already?

  1. Is there an obvious way to get to and fish for kings on the Alsek? We are considering a trip to Akwe River Adventures / Bob Crawford, but I’ve always been interested in fishing the Alsek as well. Dan

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