Something Good to Talk About

Back in May,  I stumbled onto a blog post for someone who was coming up to fish steelhead in the Situk for the first time (Living on River Time).  Since we’re in a lull right now,  I went back to see how her trip went.  She has three posts about her Yakutat trip,  but Amanda’s other posts are well worth reading too.  She is definitely doing a better job of posting than I have been!

Looks like they arrived just before the river blew out and got to see a lot of rain fall.  Not exactly ideal conditions for a once-in-a-lifetime trip,  but we’ve all had our trips turn out a little uninspiring on occasion.

Here are the three posts about Yakutat

Trip Prep:

The Adventure:

The Reflection:

Like I said,  she is a good writer and worth taking the time to read.  I’m adding a link to my “Fly Shop Friends” links…  Bummer I didn’t get to meet them,  but maybe next time…  I rarely get to fish anymore,  so it is nice to at least get to experience the adventures of others…  Thanks Amanda!  Keep it up.

2 responses to “Something Good to Talk About

  1. Has the Situk R. really shut down fishing for Sockeye? My friends left yesterday for their yearly sockeye fishing. If so, are there any other options?

    • Hi Alan,

      Unfortunately the Situk closes to retention as of midnight tonight. They can still catch and release, but no keeping. Akwe, New Italio and East Rivers are the fly-outs that are available and are NOT closed to retention. They are all closed to commercial fishing this week though. I know many people that are still coming will be doing halibut charters all week and kings have been doing OK in the bay. But that’s about it. Good year for you to take off… There has been some good news up in Kenai and Cordova, that the fish are starting to show up in normal numbers. But it’ll take another week for them to reach us. Weird season.


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