Daily Archives: April 3, 2021

Slow Start to 2021 Steelhead

And we’re off!  We have steelhead,  we have steelheaders and we have very cold,  low,  clear water.  Woo,  hoo!  Reports have been that there are maybe 250 total fish in the river right now,  holding in only a handful of spots.

The gage froze on Tuesday/Wednesday,  showing 32 degrees and a messed up height.  The height went crazy,  but showed 150 CFS briefly,  but is back down into the 80’s.  We did get a little cold drizzle for a couple days,  but not enough.  Still very low water.  In yesterday’s bright sun,  the temp peaked at around 38,  but dropped right back down to under 33F at night.

I wouldn’t exactly say it isn’t worth coming yet,  but conditions aren’t great and fishing will be a struggle.  I have seen three groups pass through the shop in three days (one group twice).  Run timing is definitely running behind schedule.  We won’t be seeing the lake fish for weeks,  so just whatever spring steelhead trickle in each day.  Slow now,  but will be building a little bit each day.

Hang in there.  They are coming.

And for fly shop news…  Just a heads up…  we are well stocked on all flies EXCEPT black and white Dolly Llamas.  A have a handful of 3/0’s,  but none left in #4 and #6.  LOTS of everything else though.  May I recommend the all-white DL and a Sharpie?  Also running pretty low on the waders.  Just a smattering of odd sizes,  but if you are in need of a new pair of XXXLS,  we got ya covered.  MK,  LL,  etc…  No regular larges or mediums left.  I even have a 4XL Guide Jacket…  Today anyway…  If you want to buy a new set of waders,  or a jacket,  I’m still happy to order you in a pair if you want to support us instead of Cabelas,  but they wouldn’t be the sale price.  Just e-mail,  or give me a call.  We are not shipping sale-priced items,  since I’m already losing money on them and everything will be gone to people actually visiting the shop anyway.  I can always drop-ship to you directly from Simms and Sage anytime.  Oh,  also we are out of 11 and 12 wading boots in any style,  so if you need those sizes,  call me and we can get one.

State of AK COVID Health Advisory Spring ’21

OK,  if there wasn’t enough uncertainty about travel this year,  here is the state’s current mandate,  issued February 14th,  2021…  Notice it is not a mandate anymore.  Just an advisory.  Words have meaning.

Click to access 02.14.21-Health-Advisory-2-International-and-Interstate-Travel.pdf

You are “advised” to get a test within 72 hours of travel and “advised” to register online with the state’s Travel Declaration Form.

See you all soon!