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A Wonderful Life

We have so many blessings to be thankful for.  2017 was a tough year for us,  but as we see the year come to a close,  we are reminded of the wonderful friendships we have through the shop and the blog and our vast extended family.  Thank you all.  I certainly have a big backlog of things to say and I always promise to spill all and end up too busy to do it.  Just know how much you are in our thoughts,  prayers and hopes for the coming year.

Last night (as we always do on Christmas Eve),  we watched the greatest Christmas movie of all again…  A very good friend of ours is actually Frank Capra’s grandson,  which is a wonderful connection to my all-time favorite Hollywood director.  Every time we watch a Capra movie,  we stuff a dollar into a jar to pay for the lapsed copyrights on Frank’s film catalog.  The jar is overflowing and someday will go to the family for keeping his legacy alive (we watch these things a LOT).  It may not amount to much and won’t save the historic family cabin in the Sierras,  but…  Someday when we have the museum done and have our theater,  I want to have a Frank Capra marathon,  see if one of the movie channels would coordinate with it,  have the family here to talk about the moves for our very own special features documentaries and commentaries,  etc.  With historic artifacts on display like his three Best Director Oscars,  etc.

Lots of online articles featuring It’s a Wonderful Life today – including some idiotic feminazi claiming the movie is sexist and pushes a misogynist message to oppress women.  Such a ridiculous claim because in reality it is Mary who is the strong rock and hero of the picture…  Not the troubled lead character contemplating suicide…  An article written by a truly sexist idiot who can’t see an unconventional heroin by modern standards save the life and soul of a man (she goes on to say men should stop acting in lead roles altogether – way to go CNN,  you beclown yourselves again-I’m not linking to it because you really don’t need to read this crap).  But most of the other articles respectfully proclaim the movie to be the treasure it is.  And several that delve deeply into the troubled actor Colonel James Stewart who struggled in his post-WWII civilian role as so many war veterans did and still do today.  I urge you to read Jimmy Stewart – Bomber Pilot

I’ll end my babble quoting one of the articles and a long quote from the director himself,  on why be made the film and attitudes that shaped most of his successful career:

“I didn’t give a film-clip whether critics hailed or hooted Wonderful Life. I thought it was the greatest film I had ever made. Better yet, I thought it was the greatest film anybody ever made. It wasn’t made for the oh-so-bore critics, or the oh-so-jaded literati. It was my kind of film for my kind of people. …

A film to tell the weary, the disheartened and the disillusioned; the wino, the junkie, the prostitute; those behind prison walls and those behind Iron Curtains, that no man is a failure!

To show those born slow of foot or slow of mind, those oldest sisters condemned to spinsterhood, and those oldest sons condemned to unschooled toil, that each man’s life touches so many other lives. And that if he wasn’t around it would leave an awful hole.

A film that said to the downtrodden, the pushed-around, the pauper, “Heads up, fella. No man is poor who has one friend. Three friends and you’re filthy rich.”

A film that expressed its love for the homeless and the loveless; for her whose cross is heavy and him whose touch is ashes; for the Magdalenes stoned by hypocrites and the afflicted Lazaruses with only dogs to lick their sores.

I wanted it to shout to the abandoned grandfathers staring vacantly in nursing homes, to the always-interviewed but seldom-adopted half-breed orphans, to the paupers who refuse to die while medical vultures wait to snatch their hearts and livers, and to those who take cobalt treatments and whistle — I wanted to shout, “You are the salt of the earth. And It’s a Wonderful Life is my memorial to you!”

From the article:


Yakutat’s Local Election – 2017 Edition

We had our little local election for assembly and school board on Tuesday.  Preliminary results are as follows:

Yakutat Borough Assembly – 3 two-year seats…  We had four candidates:
84 regular ballots cast,  6 “question” ballots and 10 “absentee” ballots

Nick Holcomb – 65 votes
Daryl James – 64 votes
Adam Kohne – 56 votes
Carol Pate – 23 votes

Yakutat School Board – 2 three-year seats and 1 two-year term remaining on a three-year seat…  There were no candidates who applied to be on the ballot:

Write-in Rose Fraker – 22 votes
Write-in Justine Wheeler – 9 votes

We also had 7 write-in votes for Rose Fraker for the two-year term.

One School Board seat will remain vacant unless someone has a significant number of absentee write-ins,  or they appoint someone.  With all the budget woes and declining enrollment at the Yakutat School District,  it is sad that no one bothered to put their name in as a formal candidate and that we can’t fill three seats in our community.  But of course I didn’t put my name in either,  so I can’t really say too much…

The Canvass Committee will meet Thursday  October 26th,  2017 at 3pm at the City and Borough Office to open the absentee ballots and evaluate the question ballots.  16 votes can’t change the outcome of the election,  so although these results are technically unofficial,  this is official…

2017 Unoffical results October 17 in PDF

Canvass Comm Notice 10-26-2017 in PDF


Yakutat Hiring Police Officer

Looks like the City and Borough of Yakutat is hiring a part-time police officer…  Anyone interested can contact the city.  The job posting is as follows:

PDF of the job announcement:  CBY YPD notice

And here is just page 1 as a jpeg…

CBY YPD notice_Page_1

AVEC Takes Over Yakutat Power

The Alaska Village Electric Coop has received approval from the Alaska Regulatory Commission to acquire Yakutat Power Inc.  The merger of AVEC and YPI has been a long,  drawn-out process spanning the better part of four years.  Next week,  AVEC will he holding a meet and greet for the community to answer questions and explain the details of the merger.  Here is the flier for the meet and greet event:

Local Election Update

The Canvassing Committee met today at 3pm to count the absentee ballots.  The 4 question ballots were deemed invalid by the State of Alaska,  2 absentee ballots were not returned,  so that left 15 valid ballots.

Ralph Wolfe picked up an additional 6 votes for mayor,  while Dave Stone added 8 more to his total to close the gap by 2.  Not enough to change the initial outcome,  so Ralph is our new mayor.  Congratulations Ralph.

Assembly-wise,  Herb Holcomb added 10 more votes,  Paul Harding added 11 and write-in Jimmy Jensen added only 2 more.  That rearranged the order leaving Herb with the most votes,  Paul moved up to the 2nd place slot and Jimmy dropped to 3rd,  but they all still have a seat.  Ray Sensmeier did not add any votes to his total.

For school board,  nothing changed from Tuesday’s results.  Adriana Preciado added 5,  Tim Hann remained unchanged,  so they both won (or are stuck with) their 3-year terms.  Casey Mapes added 14 more votes to his total for the 1-year term.

In years past,  they published the names and totals of everyone who received even one write-in.  It was fun to see who got mention,  even if just one single vote.  This year,  they decided not to release info for anyone who received less than 10 votes.  Sitting in as a spectator,  it was entertaining to hear some of the names of the people who were written in.

Now,  on to the state-wide and national election…  Woo,  hoo!


Local Elections – Tuesday Oct 18th

We have our local election coming in this week.  There is only one person running for I think three school board slots,  two people running for assembly out of three slots and two people running for mayor (one slot obviously).  The two mayoral candidates are our old mayor Dave Stone (he has been serving as mayor of 9 Mile for the past two election cycles…) and Ralph Wolfe.  I served for a year with Ralph on the assembly and although we didn’t always agree on issues,  he was articulate in explaining why he disagreed with me (aka why he was wrong…).  I think Ralph is a decent,  caring and intelligent option for mayor,  with some fresh ideas and interesting perspectives.

I have had candidates send me things in the past,  but this time around,  Ralph was the only one to ask if I could post something to the blog.  Obviously most of our readers are out-of-towners,  but for those who can vote on Tuesday,  this is what Ralph sent:


“Vote for Ralph Wolfe for Mayor

First of all I love Yakutat!

October 18th I ask you to vote for Ralph Wolfe for Mayor of Yakutat.

I’ve been a resident of Yakutat for 5 years. I have two children in the Yakutat School District and my wife and I work for The Yakutat Tlingit Tribe. I have served 1 term on the Yakutat City Assembly and I have attended many City and Borough functions.

Why you should vote for me!

  • I have a new vision for Yakutat.
  • I want great schools for all of our children.
  • I have worked with the Alaska Legislator as a legislative aid.
  • I have served on the CBY Assembly
  • I am ready to help steer Yakutat in a positive direction and give back as much as the community has given to my family”


See you at the polling booth this Tuesday,  October 18th,  2016 – Public Safety Building,  EMS Training Room!


Well Put

Hope your Memorial Day is a good one.  Teen had to work,  but I took the kids out to the cabin for the weekend to prep for commercial fishing in three weeks.  Gorgeous weather,  but I have never seen so many bugs!  That’ll be a post all its own…

In the meantime,  this just about sums up this day as well as anyone can.  I don’t do Twitter,  but I did see this post and would share:


Scanned through the headlines when I came back – something I should know better than to do by now…  Some of the comments were so unbelievably ignorant and embarrassing – should have been embarrassing if the person had any shred of self-awareness…

Thank you to all those who are serving to protect my family and our freedom.  Freedom does not come from the promises of politician,  nor from dusty old documents.  It comes from the men and women who put their bodies in the path of those of us at home and those who wish to do us harm.  Thank you to all who have served that cause over the more than 2 centuries of American freedom.

To those who paid the ultimate sacrifice,  there is nothing we can say to honor their work on our behalf.  The least we can do today is remember that sacrifice and help future generations to understand why they have the right to be complete idiots online.

Enjoy your BBQ,  for those who can’t.