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Last Day of Sept – May Hit 70 Degrees!

When all is said and done,  we will have had only 4 wet days in the entire month of September.  Our wettest month!  21 straight days of sun started off the month,  then a brief batch of rain on the 22nd that raised the river from about 121 CFS to 136.  Then another gorgeous sunny day,  followed by heavy rains that mostly soaked on in the 24th and 25th.  That initially brought the Situk up to about 270,  but was back down under 200 CFS by the morning of the 24th.  Another brief batch of drizzle on the 27th and we’re back down to 135 CFS…

This was enough water to turn on some of the smallest rivers and finally allow fresh fish to come in,  like the Middle and Old Italio’s and Yana.  East and Akwe Rivers continue to be good and will be throughout most of October.  Situk continues to be a struggle for most people,  although many are doing just fine.

We’re back to being “too low” again,  but Wednesday night is supposed to turn back to rain again for a few days.  So I think anyone coming mid-week and throughout the following week will have really good conditions.  Providing that rain actually comes of course…  I know the big lodges are already shutting down,  but most of the B&B’s will continue to operate throughout the year.  I believe there I still a LOT of silvers yet to come in!

Another hot spot is Ankau…  Spectacular fishing just outside of Kardy Lake!!!  Log Dump is spotty…  Sometimes silvers,  sometimes nothing but humpies.  Yakutat Coastal stops flying on October 12th this year.

WX Looking Better

Last week,  the National Weather Service in Yakutat said rain was coming,  but as we approached the start of said rain,  they kept pushing it off a day,  and again and again,  till they dropped the whole idea.  20 straight days of sunny weather in September is hammering the fishery here.  Rivers are drying up,  or the water is so clear in the bright sun that the fish go into deep hiding.

This week,  Weather Service again was forecasting a chance of rain on Monday.  Then they moved it up to Sunday,  then Saturday and now Friday (tomorrow).  Moving it closer instead of keeping it out of reach.  Clear all night tonight and all day tomorrow,  with a chance of fog and rain late in the evening!  Boy,  do we need it!


Wish I had more to report on than the weather,  but 20 straight sunny days in a month that averages 20 inches of rain has made the fishing tough.  That looks to be changing though.  Who ever happened to schedule their trip for the coming week (providing this rain actually happens) will have won the fishing lottery!  There are a massive amount of fish stacked up in the ocean just itching to come in as soon as there is more water.  And those silvers in hiding will be coming out of hiding the moment the raindrops start hitting the surface.

But be careful what you wish for…  We can still get that 20 inches with what is left of the month…  This is Yakutat in September…

Mom, They’re Doing it Again…

National Weather Service is giving us a big plate of hope again…


Who wants to get their hopes up this time???  Flow on the Situk is down to 131 CFS and we have day #19 of sunny weather.  I’m ready for some rain!

Fishing right now is a real challenge on most rivers.  Situk is very slow,  Lost and Tawah are disappearing.  Italio is not there…  Best fly-outs are to Akwe,  East and No Name Rivers.  They all three seem to be doing well with everyone happy when they come back.

I do think as soon as those water drops start to fall,  the fishing is going to be spectacular.  Who ever happened to time their trip for this coming week may have hit the jackpot.  And I do think we’ll have silvers well into October this year.  All those fish are just holding offshore waiting for some water and it’ll take them weeks to pack into the river systems.

No Rain…

Looks like Weather Service has given up hope for rain and taken it completely out of the forecast for the next week.  But…

The Akwe has been an exceptional fly out.  Middle Italio is really good right at the mouth,  since the fish can’t get upstream and are just stuck there.  East is also good.  Non  Name River has the worst bugs anyone has ever seen and the fishing is not that great.  Yana is good,  along with Tsiu.  Lost and Tawah have slowed down.  Situk is OK – a lot of fish,  but they aren’t all that enthusiastic for biting.  Depending on the time of day though…  Slow mid-day in the bright sun,  but much better early and late.

And if you have e-mailed me lately,  my server is acting up.  Call me if you have any questions right now,  since I can’t reply via e-mail.  Yes Gordon,  I did get the box in the mail and am holding it for you…

Sunny Skies Continue

There are a lot of fish in the rivers – at least the ones that are still flowing – but with the Situk down to 161 CFS today,  the fish are just not actively biting.  Most people can still land their limits without too much trouble,  but they do have to work for it.  But…  here is the forecast starting Sunday:


Well,  that looks promising.  Once the rain starts,  with all the fish backed up out there in the ocean,  it’ll be on fire!


Glorious Sunny Skies Continue… Unfortunately

We had only 4 non-rain days in all of August.  We have now had 7 straight sunny days in September,  with no end in sight.  The forecast just says “partly cloudy” every day through as far out as it goes.  Of course it is Yakutat,  a rainforest and September is our wettest month,  so things could change on a dime.  But for now…

Flow is down to 220 right now.  That’d be a wonderful flow in steelhead or sockeye season,  but silvers need more water!  Glaring bright sun is discouraging the fish from coming over the bar through the crystal clear water and bright sun.  And normally the commercial nets don’t catch half the fish coming in,  but with this calm weather,  they seem to be a bit more productive than usual,  so the flow of fresh fish through the last several days really shut down on the Situk.

Some people are certainly struggling in these conditions,  while others are not.  One group yesterday said this is their best trip so far because it is a little more challenging and they have to go hunt for the fish instead of the lazy every-cast conditions they have been used to.  Now that’s a cup-half-full kind of worldview!


How about some coho pictures from the past…

So Situk has been slow this week,  but the nets came out yesterday and even with the continuing glare,  should change the fishing for the better.  Lost and Tawah are doing well with less clear water (especially early am and late pm) and only a couple nets able to get below the mouth of the Lost.  Mediocre reports from the Italio.  Just haven’t had the fish stack up yet.  And as good as the lower Middle Italio looked from the air with the big sweeps,  there isn’t much for holding water down there.  Just a couple slots.

And Tsiu is still on fire.  No complaints from there,  except for the one group of day fishermen that flew all the way out,  only to be unable to land due to fog…  That’s a LONG trip just to turn around.  At least the Italio and Akwe are only a 15-20 minute flight.

Rough Day Around Here

Started off busy with plane after plane needing fuel.  Two float planes down at the harbor that we needed to pick the pilots up,  drive them to the airport,  fill their jugs,  then take them back.  Unfortunately the second plane flipped over on take-off and is now upside-down in the bay.  No one was hurt,  but what a terrible day.  Gorgeous sun.  That’s Yakutat’s 3rd crash this year.

And with all this bright sun,  I imagine the fishing is a little slow.  Water is now dropping to the point of thinking we need some rain already!  No fresh reports today,  since the fly shop is closed this year on Sundays,  but someone a couple days ago on his way out said it was the best trip is group has had in 4 years.  Considering what last year’s run was like,  that’s a pretty awesome report.