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Situk River Fly Shop
101 The Hangar 
P.O. Box 415  Yakutat,  Alaska 99689
Shop Number: (907)784-3087    
Shop FAX: (907)784-3086
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Open daily in Yakutat’s ol’ WWII hangar at the Yakutat Airport.

Click here for a map of the Yakutat Airport with directions to the shop

24 responses to “Contact Us

  1. Hey Bob,
    Just received an e-mail from Skip. He is encouraging me to come up in late April or early May. His claim this is a great time to be in the area. I would come up but want to have good fishing on the New Italio or Akwe. What is your opinion on fishing at this time-and what time would you recommend coming up. I have heard steelhead come into the New and maybe this is cutthroat time?

    Anyway, I really enjoyed fishing and chatting with you and Tanis. It was a lot of fun. Did Tanis get a plane load of fish into the nets?

    Don Jacklin

    • Hi Don, April and May is by far my favorite time of year to be out there… It is AMAZING – but not for the fishing. Peaceful, wildlife abound, just beginning to grow and rebuild after the hard winter. There are no fish though. The Italio has just a handful of spring steelhead. The Akwe has a few more, but not in numbers that I have ever felt comfortable booking for IRA. A few years ago, I hiked into Italio Falls and floated from mountains to ocean to get an accurate count. This was on May 3rd – expecting the timing to coincide with the Situk. I counted two fish! And one was definitely a dolly… Living at the river mouth, I have often seen pods of steelhead moving through on the tide, but taking my jetboat up the crystal clear water, or wading the river, they were nowhere to be seen. I have never caught a steelhead on the New Italio before June. It is possible he has some info that I don’t though. Also still too early for cutthroat. They tend not to come in until June too.

      Yes, Tanis managed to eek out about 1,000lbs of late silvers by morning!

  2. Thanks very much Bob. Have a great fall, and I would like to send Tanis and Eden a Christmas gift. Give me a couple of ideas. Give family my best,


  3. What a great site. I chanced on your website and discovered you have an air museum there in Yakutat. (I think I read somewhere that Yakutat used to have the longest runway in Alaska thanks to the U.S. Army.) I’ve been to Yakutat a few times–used to take the Alaska Airlines Milk Run a lot, and visited briefly compliments of the MV Kennicott. I have family up the coast in Cordova, but I live in Fairbanks. I’m a history buff–maybe the next time I go to Seattle I’ll fly via Anchorage and take the Milk Run down the coast so I can stop over in Yakutat and visit.

  4. Hello Bob in Alaska. The story of the marriage of the lady from Brooklyn is dear to me. Their daughter Ellen (who sent you the old newsletter) is my old college roommate and best friend. One of the first family stories I heard from her was the ultimate love story of the bride who went to Alaska. That was many years ago. I’m so glad the newsletter has found its way home. Her generous gesture will inspire others. Now that the whole East Coast is involved, I hope you get more replies. Very best wishes for honoring the history of this place. Janet D., Darien, Connecticut

  5. Bob, Haige-Browns Return to the River is a great read, also all of his Fishermans Summer,Winter. Spring and Fall.

  6. I am trying to change my email address for receiving your Blog but have been unsuccessful. I went to the site for managing my subscription but that didn’t help. Any suggestions?

    • Unfortunately it appears there is no way for me to edit the settings in “subscriptions”. Unless someone out there who knows WordPress better than I do knows otherwise, I can’t even delete subscriptions! Weird. So, just create a new subscription and let the old one disappear into the ether, if you can’t delete it yourself. Sorry.

  7. Are Silvers showing up in the rivers yet?

  8. Hope 2016 will be a great year for coho. I know right now it’s steelhead. We’ll be arriving Aug 20, 2016 — will drop by your shop.
    New subject: Have you ever tried thawing turkey, fish, etc. by soaking them in cold water? Learned that from professional chefs.
    After thawing cook right away.

  9. Hi,
    A buddy and I are planning a trip somewhere this fall (late October ) we can’t do spring this year or else I’d be up there right now. We want to target steelhead but I have been told that our chances of catching them in the fall is near impossible because you can’t keep the silvers off the fly? Can you possibly give us some advice on how to do a fall trip to the sit-up? Or if it’s even a good idea? Thanks a bunch!

  10. I was up on Ahrnklin River the last week of September, and the catch was phenomenal. I had 4 25 fish days. and didn’t keep a fish under 15 lbs.

  11. Hello there. Years ago I fished out of Pelican and fished Crab up around you there.

    I now only fish for fun and with a pole. I recently dropped all my tuna rods. Halibut sticks etc and took up fly fishing.

    Would Your Yakatat area be a good place to come for 5 days and fish. Grayling , rainbows and Cutthroat inspire me as much as Salmon. Steelhead is not something I have to target as well.

    When should I visit Yakatat please. Do you lodge and guide too?

    Thanks for your time.


    PAUL Hokeness

  12. Eric C Johnson

    Hi Bob, curious on what weight sink tip to use on the lower situk late June? Also what’s your favorite flies/size to use?

    Thanks, Eric

  13. I came out from the UK fishing a few years ago, I bought one of your hats for an old guy who lives near me, he’s worn it out, it was a wax cotton baseball cap, in olive green with Situk River Fly Shop Embroidered on the front. Could I buy him another ? Please direct me to your shop website.
    My email is

  14. Katrina Tustin

    Sorry you have a group of ignorant haters, Bob! I know how hard you have worked over the many years. Hoping that karma gets them and you can continue having pride and honor in what you have accomplished! My love to your family and let me know if you are coming to Seattle, would love to catch up with you!

  15. What are the prospects of coho’s in the rivers during late August? Based on past years?

  16. Good afternoon.. I was there last week visiting
    Purchased some fishing supplies from your store.. was extremely pleased and will be back. I wanted to return to purchase some shirts and didn’t get a chance. Any way I can buy some on line?

  17. James Ericksen

    Hi Bob my name is James Ericksen we meet last year the third week of April. you were very nice and your showed us your hanger and plane it was the high light of the trip for my son Hunter he was also very impressed with all your Disney art . Me and my wife and oldest son are coming up for are second Yakutat trip this April one week later then last year, I was wondering if you could share any input on how the winter had been and In your opinion how the fishing is to be expected we did pretty good last year on the upper Situk at head waters what should I expect this the same ?

  18. Hi Bob, I follow your blog all the time. A friend and I have been going to Yakatat for about 10 years for Sockey. We met you at the fly shop a couple years ago. We are scheduled to come up again around the middle to the end of June if things open up. I saw on your blog Teen’s chocolate oatmeal protein bars. Is she willing to share the recipe? They sure looked good. Hope to see you soon.

  19. Hi Bob. I got the copy of Teen’s recipe for the protein bars and got all the ingredients except the chocolate protein powder. What brand did you use and where did you get it? Thanks for the recipe. Hope to see you in June if and when Yakatat opens up.

  20. Kathleen Allison

    Hi…Missing your posts….any update on sockeye in the Situk? Will be there next week, 21-28, shop open or call in advance? Thanks!

  21. I am scheduled to fish the Itailo River in September 2021 a friend said to check with you to maybe get and assortment of flies to use for silvers

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