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It is FINALLY Raining Again!

I think we broke a record for the most days without rain.  In Yakutat,  that probably means 2,  since it usually seems like it rains constantly,  but…  It is storming like crazy out there,  with 40 knot winds.  The water flow has come up above “normal” for the first time in a month.  This’ll flush the rest of the steelhead out of the river quickly.  The run was basically over anyway,  with just under 7,000 kelts counted so far.  That makes for an “average” sized run.  6,868 total as of a couple days ago and we’ll squeak over that 7-grand total before it is over.

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There are pockets of sockeye in the lower river now,  as well as a few kings.  They actually counted two large kings through the weir already!  Woo,  hoo!  Chris and a friend went fishing below the weir night before last and landed a half dozen sockeye (hooking twice that fairly) in just a couple hours.  It is still very early,  but they are starting to cluster in large enough numbers to actually fish.

Tanis and I flew Eden down to “Horse Camp” in Juneau on Monday.  You could see a few fish in both the East and Akwe as we passed over.  Not a lot,  but starting to show a little.  I have also heard that a king was seen jumping at the Akwe mouth and the East – probably not the same fish…  “Probably”…

We’re in the long slow stretch between steelhead and salmon.  Just biding our time and getting a little construction done on the hangar during the break.  If you come through,  the door may be locked at the shop while we are in the hangar (or in my office watching a movie…).  As always,  just honk on the horn and we’ll be right there!

Today's spike in the flows

Today’s spike in the flows

Total steelhead count (red) compared to last year (black) as of June 2nd,  2015

Total steelhead count (red) compared to last year (black) as of June 2nd, 2015