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Sockeye Bag Limit Raised to 6 Daily

Beginning at 12:01am Wednesday July 15th,  2015,  the bag and possession limits for sockeye salmon on the Situk River will increase to 6 per day and 12 in possession.  The biological escapement goal for sockeye salmon in the Situk River is between 30,000 and 70,000 fish.  As of July 13th,  2015,  47,176 sockeye salmon have been counted through the Situk River weir.  Average run timing data for sockeye indicates that 40% of the run is still to come and the escapement goal range is projected to be exceeded.

Anglers are reminded that sport fishing for king salmon was closed by Emergency Order #1-KS-H-17-15 effective at 12:01am Saturday July 11th.  King salmon caught while fishing for other species may not be removed from the water and must be released immediately.

For further information,  please call the Division of Sport Fish,  Alaska Department of Fish and Game at (907)784-3222.

Situk Sockeye EO 2015 in PDF