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Yakutat’s Local Election – 2017 Edition

We had our little local election for assembly and school board on Tuesday.  Preliminary results are as follows:

Yakutat Borough Assembly – 3 two-year seats…  We had four candidates:
84 regular ballots cast,  6 “question” ballots and 10 “absentee” ballots

Nick Holcomb – 65 votes
Daryl James – 64 votes
Adam Kohne – 56 votes
Carol Pate – 23 votes

Yakutat School Board – 2 three-year seats and 1 two-year term remaining on a three-year seat…  There were no candidates who applied to be on the ballot:

Write-in Rose Fraker – 22 votes
Write-in Justine Wheeler – 9 votes

We also had 7 write-in votes for Rose Fraker for the two-year term.

One School Board seat will remain vacant unless someone has a significant number of absentee write-ins,  or they appoint someone.  With all the budget woes and declining enrollment at the Yakutat School District,  it is sad that no one bothered to put their name in as a formal candidate and that we can’t fill three seats in our community.  But of course I didn’t put my name in either,  so I can’t really say too much…

The Canvass Committee will meet Thursday  October 26th,  2017 at 3pm at the City and Borough Office to open the absentee ballots and evaluate the question ballots.  16 votes can’t change the outcome of the election,  so although these results are technically unofficial,  this is official…

2017 Unoffical results October 17 in PDF

Canvass Comm Notice 10-26-2017 in PDF


A Final AVEC Offer

For those of you who have followed the political wrangling through my two years on the assembly…  Here is the final offer from AVEC (Alaska Village Electric Cooperative) for merging Yakutat Power Inc with their COOP.

Purchase-Sale Agmt AVEC – CBY YPI D-8 (CBY) (2-29-16)

This Thursday,  the non-code Ordinance will be introduced by the assembly,  with a public hearing set for the following assembly meeting on March 17th,  followed by a second reading and possible vote to accept/reject on April 7th.  Since this Ordinance involves the potential sale of a corporation,  it must be publically posted for at least 22 days,  thus the three meeting process instead of the regular 2-step process.

This offer has been approved by the AVEC Board of Directors.  Next,  the YPI Board of Directors will need to recommend action for the assembly,  followed by action by the Yakutat Assembly.  It should make for a heated debate at the Public Hearing,  although this subject has pretty much been talked to death over the past two and a half years!

For some added info,  here is an invoice from NC Machinery for over $102,000 for a top-end on one of the generators from last month,  plus the hotel bill for their mechanic during his stay in Yakutat…  AVEC does all their top-ends in-house,  for a lot less money.

NC Machinery Invoice

Hotel Bill

Yakutat Census Data Overload

Here is an interesting read – if interesting means eye-bleedingly boring…  But I survived and thought I would share it with you!

Apparently we have 39 black or African Americans in Yakutat…  7 out of 11 babies are born to single mothers…  10 houses are heated with the Natural Gas Yakutat doesn’t have…  Two women commute to work on a public transportation bus that doesn’t exist…  There are 5 times as many government workers as business owners…  Our median income is skewed by the dominance of well paid government workers.  159 government workers,  with 123 households earning more than $50,000.  That doesn’t leave much for the rest of us…

Everything about Yakutat_sm

And my last assembly meeting came and went.  They had a tough time deciding on which of the 4 potential applicants should fill Charlie’s spot.  After voting and failing all 4 candidates,  they started over and voted Herb Holcomb in.  It was disorganized and messy.  But they now have a full slate of members.

They adopted Resolution 15-245 and voted to authorize the City Manager to move forward with negotiations with AVEC.  Both passed unanimously.

And we’re getting hit by a pretty intense storm right now.  Heavy driving rain and wind.  Occasional snow flakes mixed in with the rain,  so cold and miserable!  So much for perfect steelheading conditions…

My Last Assembly Meeting!

Tomorrow night will be my last Assembly meeting.  Woo,  hoo!  Doesn’t seem like a day over two years…  Time for someone else to step in and do their civic duty.  Here are the packet attachments:

#1 Nov 5th Packet
Notice and agenda,  letter from City Clerk,  3 letters of interest for the seat vacated mid-term by Charlie Russell,  meeting minutes from October 15th,  Manager’s Report,  agenda for Strategic Planning Session Nov 9th-11th,  Planner’s Report and clerk report

#2 Nov 5th packet
Text of resolution 15-245 regarding the update to the Yakutat Hazard Mitigation Plan and the table of contents from the 148 page document,  updated/revised offer from AVEC to have Yakutat Power join their cooperative,  an evaluation and comparison between Yakutat Power Inc,  AVEC and AP&T prepared by John Lovis – an independent consultant hired by the assembly for this evaluation

The 148 page Yakutat Hazard Mitigation Plan

Yakutat 2015 Mental Health Trust Land
Alaska Mental Health Trust is looking to offer for sale land near the Glacier Bear complex spring 2016

FALL 2015 Quarterly Newsletter
Quarterly newsletter from the state Director of Southcoast Region DOT

Public Meeting_NR-10-28-15 Southcentral_Interior_Final
Public meeting notice for ADF&G regarding sport fish guide registration,  logbook program and house bill 41

Ltrs of Interest 10-30-15
The three letters if interest for the vacant assembly seat that were submitted before the deadline

Ltr of Interest N Inada
One letter of interest submitted after the deadline

Congratulations to our very own Ron Beattie,  for being recognized as the "Wastewater Operator of the Year" in Alaska

Congratulations to our very own Ron Beattie, for being recognized as the “Wastewater Operator of the Year” in Alaska

2015 Yakutat Election Results

Tuesday,  Yakutat residents went to the polls to select their new assemblymen and school board member.  There were 156 total ballots counted and the top three for assembly get the three open spots.  We had 4 people officially running and listed on the ballot,  with an additional two people running a write-in campaign.

Vote tallies are as follows:

Martha Indreland was the top vote getter with 90.  She worked for the city up until about two weeks before the election,  which would have disqualified her from running had she not moved to her new job.

Nick Holcomb (incumbent) had 80 votes,  for second place.

Daryl James comes in 3rd with 74 votes.  Daryl has been on the assembly many times,  as well as served as mayor for several terms.

Nelson Inada (incumbent) took 4th and will lose his seat.  He has been serving for more than a decade continuously,  so this is a big change.

James (Jimmy) Jensen ran as a write-in and managed to secure 51 votes.  Had he officially placed his name on the ballot in time,  I’m quite sure he would have replaced one of the names above,  but he missed the deadline for that.  There is some controversy (apparently) regarding how Jimmy’s votes were counted.  Rumor has it that many of his votes were not counted because the voter write in “Jimmy” (his nickname) instead of “James”.  We counted the absentee ballots tonight and we counted anything with “Jensen” in it…  Whether James or Jimmy.  I do not know what the election officials did regarding this,  but I doubt it would have made a difference.  They surely didn’t disallow 24 votes.

Last but not least,  Jeremiah James managed 18 write-in votes.

There were two “question ballots”.  One was disqualified because he was registered in Juneau and not Yakutat.  The other was accepted,  since they registered in Yakutat recently and their name just wasn’t listed on the master list when it was printed weeks ago.

For school board,  Marry Knutsen ran unopposed and garnered 135 votes.

Here is the official canvass results for 2015:

Canvass Results 2015

I have one remaining assembly meeting,  where we swear in the new butts and Nelson and I step away from the table.  It has been an interesting and educational process to serve on the assembly,  but this is not a career choice and I’m happy to move on.  Yes,  that means only one more posting about the assembly on the blog,  for the November 5th meeting.

Free at last…

Only Two More Assembly Meetings for Me…

My time on the Yakutat Assembly is coming to a close and I’ll soon stop posting the assembly packet info here.  Lucky you!  The deadline for signing up for the election ended yesterday at 6pm and I was told 4 people threw their names into the hat,  for the three positions.  Nick Holcomb and Nelson Inada are running to retain their seats,  while past mayor and past assemblyman Daryl James and newcomer Martha Indreland are also contenders.  The election will be held October 20th. (this is a correction – I initially posted it was to be Oct 13th…)

My internet was down at the time of the last assembly meeting,  so I was unable to post the documents then.  I’ll do that here.  Not much was on the September 17th agenda – just a budget request from the school to buy $9,000 worth of computers (approved) and acceptance of financial reports for June and July.

#1 Notice Sept 17 4.1 5 8.1

#2 Financial Reports June July

#3 Info

Mgr Memo 9-10-15 YPI over time
This warrants more explanation…  The City Manager is disclosing to the Assembly the results of changes to how Yakutat Power has operated since he assumed his manager position.  Comparing the overtime for employees of YPI first 6 months of 2014 (before changes) was $24,887.70.  First 6 months of 2015,  overtime dropped to $4,715.10.  Total salary cost went from $214,516.86 to $164,321.56 for the same period.  Keep in mind though that total payroll costs are double what the salaries show,  with healthcare,  taxes and other expenses added in.  The reduction in operating staff would actually show a significantly larger cost reduction if these figures included those costs as well.

Also,  this spring I priced the cost of bringing in Iso-tanks of diesel on the AML barge to reduce the cost of fuel to Yakutat Power.  With this threat,  Delta Western immediately lowered their cost to YPI for fuel by $1.50/gallon.  Since then,  they have adjusted their rate to reflect what the actual cost would be to buy fuel independently,  which has saved YPI roughly $180,000 in the first 6 months of 2015.

Seattle OPIS prices for #2 diesel fuel as of last month

Seattle OPIS prices for #2 diesel fuel as of last month

Washington DC
This was our City Manager’s agenda for his trip to Washington DC last month (he was on the phone for the assembly meeting…)

Now on to tonight’s packet:

#1 Notice Agenda Minutes

#2 8.1 and 10.1

Again,  not a whole lot on our plate tonight either…  A resolution designating judges and clerks for the election and a change to Bob Pate’s gravel pit lease.  We are scheduled to have an executive session to discuss the two power plant offers from AVEC and AP&T,  plus the evaluation we requested of the two companies and their operations.

September 3rd, 2015 Assembly Meeting

Tonight,  we have a work session at 6pm,  followed by the real Assembly meeting at 7pm.  High School Auditorium as usual.  Here are the assembly packet attachments:

OK,  my internet connection tonight isn’t letting me upload files…  I’ll try to upload them tonight…

#1 Work session notices

#2 Sept 3 Notice & Agenda

8-25-15 CBY Work Session Kwaan

Alaska’s Fiscal and Economic Future Forum 25 August 2015

FORUM AGENDA 19 Sept 2015

AUDIO PowerPoint – JouleBox – 2

And finally,  we had a bit of an air show last week,  with the arrival of the Marines in their Osprey…

IMG_0293 IMG_0298 IMG_0302

IMG_0303 IMG_0305 IMG_0306

IMG_0307 IMG_0308

I was returning from Juneau as the group was taking off heading to Elmendorf in preparation for the president’s trip to get spawned on by an excited male salmon…  I guess salmon are like the American media…  Anyway,  I got to see these guys from above and below as I landed and they were taking off.  I need one of these for hauling fish!