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Yakutat Hiring Police Officer

Looks like the City and Borough of Yakutat is hiring a part-time police officer…  Anyone interested can contact the city.  The job posting is as follows:

PDF of the job announcement:  CBY YPD notice

And here is just page 1 as a jpeg…

CBY YPD notice_Page_1

Yakutat City Job Posting – Grant Writer

The City and Borough of Yakutat is hiring a “Community Catalyst”.  The position is full-time and bridges the City and Borough with activities associated with other SSP Regional Community Catalysts.  The intended purpose of the job will be to work on community development projects,  write grants and manage the grant funded projects.  Funding for this position will come partially from the Borough,  partly from SSP and partly from the tribe (I think…).

Reading through the Southeast Sustainable Partnership stuff,  it smells like “community organizer” for an agenda that our community has already rejected,  but I’m trying to keep an open mind (but not so open that my brain falls out…).  I’ll attach some links for further reading it you are moved to look deeper.  In the meantime,  the job posting is for a city-hired employee that works at the pleasure of the Borough Manager and must be responsive to the wishes of the elected assembly.  NOT the Nature Conservancy…  This a commercial fishing dependent village and the Nature Conservancy does not have protecting that interest at heart.  Beware…

The notice says they will be accepting applications through May 29th,  2015.  If interested,  make contact with the Borough office at (907)784-3323 ASAP!

Yak Comm Catalyst May 2015 – Job posting in PDF

Yak Comm Catalyst May 2015_Page_1 Yak Comm Catalyst May 2015_Page_2