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Yakutat Land Sale November, 2018

The City and Borough of Yakutat is selling 5 lots located along Ocean Cape Road.  Two are directly on Ocean Cape Road,  while three are back behind on a platted,  but non-existent Water Tank Loop Road.  The “water tank” in question is upland from the Delta Western bulk facility.  These lots are along the road to the Ankau,  less than a quarter mile past The Mooring Lodge,  Delta Western and the AC grocery store.


The deadline for the initial offering is December 3rd,  2018.  Before placing a bid,  check to see how far away basic utilities are from the lots.  My guess is they are within easy reach,  since the West and South Additions are beyond these lots and you can tie into water and sewer relatively easily compared to some of the other properties offered lately.  These look like pretty good lots!  Zoned “industrial”,  you can pretty much do anything you want with them…

Here is the complete packet on PDF:

CBY Land sale Nov 2018 (2)

Yet More Land for Sale in Yakutat

The city is proposing yet another land sale.  This time,  two lots on the backside of Post Office Lake.  Both are on the water and one is of pretty good size.  Here is a PDF of the Resolution text for RES 18-299,  which will be voted on at the next Assembly meeting April 5th,  7pm.


Page 14 has this map showing the location of the two lots…


The small one is just over a quarter acre,  the large one just shy of three quarters.  Both look buildable if someone wants to put in Thomas Lane (which currently doesn’t exist).

Yakutat Land Sale Update

OK…  The Borough Manager wanted me to update everyone on the status…  The Borough Assembly had a work session this week to fix some issues regarding the new land sale.  This applies to the posting:

Yakutat Land for Sale

As I mentioned in the original posting,  one of the nine lots was donated to the local Humane Society that went out of business.  The city has taken this one off the table for now,  until they can reincorporate the HS and give the property back to the city.

There are two lots up around Post Office Lake that will be available “over-the-counter” at the city office,  but apparently the assembly has to approve a new ordinance for just these two lots.  Hopefully that will happen soon.  They have road access,  but not utilities and you’d have to bare the cost of hooking up to city water and sewer and AVEC power.

Then there are 6 lots down in the “Old Village” area…  Originally the city did not intend to put in road access or utilities,  but at the work session,  the assembly decided to pay the cost of putting in all these things and rolling those costs into the sale price.  Otherwise,  these lots really wouldn’t have had much value to anyone except for the people with adjacent property as a way of expanding the size of their existing lot.  Now,  they will all be buildable and usable by anyone,  thus more valuable.

And the city is rewriting the ordinances to be clear the city can and will finance the purchase of the land as well as the utility services cost.  The rate is 8%,  so a bank loan is probably going to be cheaper,  but the city financing doesn’t require any down payment,  or any significant credit check.  Heck,  if you have bad credit and default,  the city takes the land back,  sells it to someone else and keeps what you paid into it.  Pretty low-risk for the city…  But allows anyone to be able to afford a land purchase regardless of credit history,  age and anything else that could be an obstacle for getting a bank loan.

Who wants to be a real estate tycoon in the World’s Largest City (by area)?

Yakutat Real Estate

*****Price Reduced*****
As of May 1st,  2015,  John is reducing his asking price for this to $210,000.
*****Price Reduced*****

We’re experiencing another flurry of houses for sale in Yakutat.  I was asked by a couple people to see if I could stir up some interest.  This is the first one I’m going to post…

Beautiful commercially zoned house on lake

Beautiful commercially zoned house on lake

John Doyle is a local contractor that has been working on building his own house over the past couple years.  His intention was to create a possible small lodge,  or café.  His “house” is a near bomb-proof masonry and timber framed gorgeous place.  The lower half is masonry and stone,  the upper half is all exposed timber beam.  Heated slab,  commercial kitchen,  2,000 square feet of living space,  3,100 square feet with decks and balcony.  Two bedroom and two bath with additional bedroom or office downstairs.

It is all wired and plumbed commercial,  as well as being commercially zoned.  This would be a great business opportunity for someone out there.  The interior is not complete yet and this price ($225,000) reflects the state of the building as of right now.  He is motivated to sell soon!

Lots on either side are also for sale,  for expanded parking or a privacy buffer

Lots on either side are also for sale, for expanded parking or a privacy buffer

There is definitely room to expand,  since John also owns two additional lots immediately next door that are also for sale at $25,000 each.  A 3rd lot is also available on the other side of the house from another person,  so it would be easy to lock up all the land adjacent to the house.  The house was appraised at $320,000 finished,  so if you don’t mind completing the sheetrock,  you could conceivably finish up the last of the work and have some built-in equity.

Contact John directly if you are interested (907)410-7080.  If you want his e-mail address,  e-mail me and ask for it.  I don’t want to post it and have him overwhelmed by the amount of spam I get having a public e-mail address…  Web crawlers are wonderful.

Spacious decks and balconies overlook the lake

Spacious decks and balconies (1,100 sq ft) overlook the lake