No Break this Weekend

We have been having back to back storms.  River is blown out at 991 CFS and we still have an unusually large number of fishermen here for this time of year.  LOTS of fish in the river and the water temp is balmy at 39 degrees.  But you can’t wade the river.  Still a handful of silvers coming into Tawah and I know two of the guys are there today seeing what they can find.  They are spawning throughout the airport drainage ditches.

Hope you all had a good Thanksgiving.  We had our turkey last night because “someone” forgot to take it out of the freezer when they were supposed to…  OOPS!


Trying to thaw the turkey in front of a space heater,  to no avail


All the snow is gone.  They worked pretty hard to create our tiny little snowpile,  then hauled it away a week later.

Warmer Water = Hotter Fishing

As we suspected…  the fish are still there in really good numbers.  They just went tom sleep in the cold water.  Yesterday we had heavy winds and rain with temps in the 40’s.  That brought the water temp back up above 35 degrees and the bite turned on in a pretty big way!

The flows spiked to up above 700 CFS,  but are back down near 400 again today.  Colder today,  so the bite wasn’t quite as good as during the storm,  but still good.  The water gets up to 38 degrees during the day,  then drops back a degree at night.  Still cool,  but fishable.

I had hoped to take Teen fishing today,  but a couple weeks ago,  I sold her waders…  again…  Second time we have had a woman about her size come in needing waders and not having the right size in stock – other than Teen’s…  OOPS!  It would have been the perfect day for her to come out and experience steelheading on the Situk,  with calm winds and partly sunny skies.


Well,  yesterday I received three poor fishing reports.  Apparently Sunday was incredible.  Then on Monday,  the water temp crashed to 35 degrees and the fish went to sleep.  They are still there,  but too lethargic to play.  All three groups reported landing between 1 and 3 fish per person over 3 days…  Not exactly on fire like it was last weekend.  But…

We have had a complete weather change.  Much warmer,  with rain and wind.  Just as miserable as the biting cold,  but different…  The water temp (and flows) are increasing,  so the fish should wake up again and also bring in some more fresh ones.  The dolly and resident rainbow bite didn’t seem to slow down at all during the lull in steelhead,  so there was still plenty of entertainment to go around.

And we still have enough chrome-bright silvers in Tawah Creek for locals to easily limit in an hour or so.  Mostly down at Christmas Tree Bridge,  with Cannon Beach Bridge (REL) having primarily old spawners.

So after my stellar reports over the weekend,  everything came to a screeching halt.  Hopefully I’ll get a fresh report from one of the two groups that arrived yesterday to see if things have improved with the temp increase…

Winter Storm Warning Passes

We had a good batch of fresh snow last night and through today.  About a foot fell of fluffy dry snow,  so the roads are still drivable with a 4-wheel drive.  Flows are down to about 270 CFS and water temp is cool,  but not too cold to fish.

A few people left,  two new groups arrived.  One group of 3 are hiking into the cabins,  while two guys are camping at 9 Mile.  Not expecting much more snow and it is clear and very cold out there tonight.  Possibly another 2 inches before morning…

Supposed to warm up and change to rain Thursday night and through Friday,  but then it dries out again for the rest of the weekend.  Looks like conditions will continue to be exceptional for this time of year!

As Good as it Gets

The shop is technically closed Sundays and Mondays,  but since we live upstairs,  anyone wanting in just needs to honk.  We don’t get many first-hand fishing reports this time of year,  so receiving one yesterday and another today is an oddity.

So,  the two young guys from Fairbanks stopped in before their flight this morning.  They had a phenomenal day yesterday!  I can’t remember the exact numbers,  but it was in double digits landed and another 20+ hooked.  They have never been here before,  never caught steelhead before (although they fish resident rainbows a lot).  They are definitely coming back to the Situk again.  And again.

They said they would send me some photos to post once they get home.  The pictures on his phone were spectacular.  They landed several up around 36 inches and lost several that were well over that.

Did I mention conditions are just about perfect right now?  I think you left just a little too early this year,  Chris…  :-)

Steelhead Report for Nov 15th

I had a report off the river today…  One of the KNIK construction guys came through.  He unfortunately didn’t land a single fish,  but he said one guy out there had landed 9 by mid-afternoon.  The river had a lot more fishermen than I expected,  with two couples and at least 4 other groups.  That is pretty heavy pressure for this time of year all above the bridge,  but there was plenty of fish to go around.

For everyone except the guy reporting of course…

Winter Arrives

We’re looking at just about ideal steelheading conditions going into this week.  We have had about 6 inches of snow total so far this month – mostly in the last three days,  intermixed with rain to wash most of it away.  Just enough to cover up the roadside garbage and not make driving or hiking a problem.  Here is the weather forecast:


Looking pretty good.  Cold for a few days,  but then warming back up again to give us a little rain and keep the flows reasonable.  Speaking of flows:


Still a little above normal,  but not by much!  Actually a really good level for up above the West Fork.  The next four dry and cold days will lower it some more,  but then we get a shot of rain again to keep it from dropping too much and getting too cold.  Speaking of cold:


We’re scraping the bottom of our ideal range for bringing in fresh fish and with the cold coming,  we’ll see pretty lethargic fish in the river.  But nothing that will shut the fishery down.  Cool,  but not too cold.  Then it warms up again and brings us right back into ideal by next weekend.  That is – IF – this all comes to pass as forecast…


Right now,  there are three small groups in town fishing – just 2-3 guys in each.  Not much pressure,  but you’ll expect to run into someone else on the river right now.  The fishing had been OK,  but not great due to higher flows.  It’ll just get better as the water continues to drop.  And Chris won’t be hogging the Christmas Tree Hole till at least February…  He left for Colorado to see his parents.  Tanis and I need to get out there and get gloat photos to send him…

These photos are from his and Tanis’ trip earlier in the month:

PB040078 PB040098 PB040110