Too Miserable for Chris

Chris said he was going fishing today.  And…  nope.  The river flow is going through the roof and we’re looking at another 4 inches of rain before the storm ends.  The gage is broken,  so no accurate flow rate,  but it is heading straight up.

“The Boys” did go fishing at the lower end just as the last storm hit.  Flow then was still under 100 and the water temp crashed again to 35 degrees.  They didn’t see anything.  It has been a week of constant sleet since then,  turning to real rain last night.

Cody and Kraig from the Lodge started cutting logjams yesterday with Frank’s help and guidance.  They were able to clear the mega-jam in the Rodeo Hole,  but will be taking some time off until the river stops rising.  They didn’t “see” anything in the river yesterday,  but the water was rising fast and pretty opaque.  This flood should start some fish coming in,  providing the temperature stays high enough.

Chris sent me some photos of the Rodeo logjam and I’ll post that mess as soon as I find where  saved them to.  Otherwise,  no real news yet…

Early March Conditions

Yes,  I do have a fishing report!  Not a good one,  but I have one!  The boys (which didn’t include me) went upstream above the bridge.  VERY low water down to around 70 CFS.  Water temp on the gage topped out at 37 degrees,  but Chris’ two thermometers showed 38 (attached to his foot) and the infrared hand-held read 40.  Keep in mind,  you’ll gain about 4 degrees from the bridge to the take-out on a sunny day.

They did not see any fish anywhere.  It was overcast for most of the morning,  so no bright sun and glare on the water.  Just no fish anywhere visible.  The water temp seems to be up into the bottom end of the desired range,  but just not enough water to draw them in.

I suspect we have steelhead down at the estuary that will come in on the tide and then flee back to the estuary as the water drops out.  But no one went down there to fish this time.

It is still sunny at the moment,  but that is supposed to turn to rain after 3pm,  with a mix of rain and snow throughout the coming week.  We’ll see what it looks like after we see some precip.

Winters in Yakutat

Pretty slow around here and hard to get motivated to do much (including blog).  But tonight is a very full moon rising over the end of runway 20.  And through all my heavy insulation in the hangar office,  you can hear the wolves howling.  They have been doing it for about a half hour now.  Life in Yakutat year ’round can be hard,  but moments like this put it all in perspective and remind me why I wouldn’t trade it for anything.

And on that note…  Chris came back from Colorado about a week ago and immediately went fishing.  Well,  he went hiking anyway…  Hiked about 3/4th of the way up to the closure boundary and did not see a single fish.  Bummer for him,  but good news for the steelheaders coming later in April and May.  There are a handful of fish scattered around (I heard two of the 5 in the bridge hole were landed,  but those fish have vaporized),  but the run is not even close to starting to show.  Nothing like two years ago,  where February was pretty darned good and the run was basically over by mid-April…

Having some sleet and slush falling,  but not accumulating much.  Still a near zero snowpack,  which will make the river temp rise very quickly once we do see the warmth of April.  That is unless we get a big dumping,  which often happens in March.  Last year,  we had more fish in the river in Feb than we do now,  but 3 feet of late snow in March stalled the run and it ended up being relatively close to on-time.

Chris said the river looked perfect for fishing.  Good flow,  decent temperature.  Just no fish to be had.

And message to Doug Pautz and Wesley Reynolds…  Check your spam folders…  I answered your messages,  but I don’t think you got the reply…

City of Yakutat Job Opening – Cop!

The City and Borough of Yakutat just posted a job listing for a full-time police officer.  Here is the posting,  followed by links for downloading the application,  etc.

2019 Police Officer Notice_Page_12019 Police Officer Notice_Page_2

2019 Police Officer Notice in PDF

CBY Application in PDF

F-3 Form in PDF

Prelim Spring Steelhead Update

Yes,  we’re still alive.  That 3-week flu in November really set me back,  followed by holidays and Tanis coming home from school and then taxes…  But all that is behind us and now we’re just waiting for some warmth.

Warning right off the bat…  we have literally ZERO snow.  None.  The little we did have all rained off this past week.  Flows hit around 500 and water temp hit 37.  Should have some steelhead in the river under those conditions,  but no one has been out to check.  Chris comes back in a week,  so he’ll get me a real report.  Who knows,  maybe I’ll actually go fishing for the first time in over a year…

With no snow,  I’d expect this to be another early run.  Short of some major snow event(s),  we won’t have much to keep the spring rains cooler and hold off the spawning.  Looking a lot like two years ago when we peaked around the 1st of April and by May,  the run was done.  Been VERY cold for a couple weeks (with all my water pipes frozen solid at the hangar),  and with no snow insulation,  the lakes are pretty solid.  So expect spring fish to be early and winter fish to be late getting out of the lake.

But there is snow throughout the coming week’s forecast.  Is that enough?  Doesn’t look like it.  Coming in inches,  not feet.  No major winter storm warnings in the foreseeable future.

OK,  back to cleaning my office,  putting spring fly shop orders together and thawing the pipes (again).  This morning, we have half the water running,  but not to the bathroom with the shower,  or the laundry.

Anchorage Earthquake – Didn’t Feel it Here

Got an early morning wake-up call from Tanis in Seward while they were still shaking.  Thanks for the calls and concern,  but we didn’t feel anything down here – nearly 400 miles away.  You may be just as shocked that were alive at all,  after no blogs for three weeks,  but I’ll get back on track later today.  Had a 3 week long flu that left me in bed most of November…

One More Veteran’s Day Post

Watch this.  I dare ya!  If you don’t lose it by the time the dog appears,  you have no soul!