It’s On!

The 2015 silver run has been slowly working its way down the coast and has definitely arrived in town!  Tsiu for the past week has been very good,  the bay has been good,  but the run really hit the Situk the past several days.  LOTS of fish now.  No more problems,  or hesitation.  It’s on!

Haven’t heard from the rivers farther down the coast yet,  but will let you know as soon as I do…  If you were coming to the Situk and worried about my dismal reports,  worry no longer…

Top flies right now are the black and white dolly llama,  chartreuse and white dolly llama,  or the fuchsia articulated bunny leech.  Big,  ugly and heavy.

September 3td, 2015 Assembly Meeting

Tonight,  we have a work session at 6pm,  followed by the real Assembly meeting at 7pm.  High School Auditorium as usual.  Here are the assembly packet attachments:

OK,  my internet connection tonight isn’t letting me upload files…  I’ll try to upload them tonight…

Picking Up – a Bit…

The reports coming in off the Situk for the past couple days have continued to improve.  Still slower than a normal year,  but definitely picking up and more consistent.  Before,  we’d occasionally see someone who had no trouble,  but the majority struggled  That seems to be swinging to the opposite,  with the majority having less trouble and just an occasional struggler.

Groups traded out for the Tsiu lodges two days ago and the reports were disappointing.  Not a lot of fish,  but plenty to go around.  No one seemed to have a tough time catching their limit.  The problem this year is the lack of river…  The Tsiu has lost about 2 miles of its length,  so the river is much shorter and getting a bit crowded because of it.  One group said after a decade of going there every year,  this will be their last just because of the shortness of the river.  As with all these little salmon streams along Yakutat’s coast,  the river mouths change constantly.  Some years they get longer with more curves,  holes and area to fish.  Then they can trend shorter for a few years.  The Tsiu is trending short right now,  but it’ll also swing the other direction  and improve for another period of time.  It happens.  We’re at the low end of the trend right now.

On the other hand,  the Middle Italio is in the midst of the good trend…  At least for the shape of the river…  It has a good 5-6 holding holes this year down at the mouth,  which should give the fish plenty of slots to settle into and plenty of area for fishermen to target them.  Unfortunately,  there just aren’t many fish out there yet…  There were a couple small pockets if fish down in the lower river yesterday when I flew the river,  but that was it.  Upstream,  Tanis and I took the boat for a fish count at high tide.  There are about 4-5,000 pinks between the Spruce Hole and up into No Name Creek,  but only about 200 silvers through the entire area.  Pretty slow for this time of year.  When I flew out,  it was high tide and so I couldn’t see anything in the Old Italio.  Just Dangerous River and ocean water…

Reports are Improving

The reports coming in are a lot less desperate.  Fishing is still relatively slow,  but improving – or at least being more consistent.  Right after I posted my dismal report a couple days ago,  things immediately started looking up.  On Wednesday at around 3pm,  a good push of fish started in at the bottom end and everyone down at the Old Man’s Hole lit up for a couple hours.


Thursday was a bit slow all around,  but the fish did continue to trickle in through the day.  Yesterday,  there was another good push around noon,  that continued throughout the rest of the day.  The boats floating the river are still struggling till they get nearly to the bottom,  with these fresh fish congregating in the lower few miles of the river.  They have not made it up to the bridge area yet.

Tsiu is doing much better and the run seems to finally be coming in.  No reports from anywhere between here and Tsiu on rivers like Yana.  Just Tsiu right now.


Chris came into town tonight with a report off the Akwe…  Pretty slow out there.  Not many pinks now.  More silvers than humpies,  but not a whole lot of those either.  They were able to get into fish down at the confluence OK.  Kind of depended on the day though.  He caught a chrome-bright steelhead that was about 30 inches.  We caught more of them in our nets this season than I ever have.  Strange to see so many steelhead in the Akwe through the entire summer.  Timing for everything is off.

I also talked to the ranger from out at the East River.  They still have quite a few pinks,  but a handful of silvers are showing up.  But just a tiny handful.  Still very slow out there.


For the record,  I’m unable to update the river reports page right now.  My hosting company moved my website to a different server a month ago and I have been unable to sign into it ever since.  Until I get this problem solved,  I’ll be just posting reports (along with Assembly stuff) here on the blog.  Sorry for the inconvenience.

Tsiu Starting

After my dismal report from an hour ago…  word from the Tsiu just in – it is starting to pop out there FINALLY!  That is a good two weeks late.  The Tsiu is usually the first run to come in in the Yakutat area,  so if they are coming on there now,  they will be hitting the bay this week as well and into the east-side rivers next week.  Hopefully this means the run is on its way…


Fishing is a Struggle

Yakutat has year-round fishing unrivaled just about anywhere!  With that said,  we’re seeing a real lull right now.  We should expect to see big numbers of silvers arriving in the streams,  but it is really just a slow trickle right now.  Yes,  there are fish in the Situk and yes,  people are catching them.  It is just a lot slower than what we are used to by this stage of the fall season.

I flew back from Juneau last night after the plane annual and flew the rivers along the way.  I came ashore at the mouth of the East River and did not see a single fish in the lower 1/2 mile of the river that I saw.  Tide was starting in and it should have been the perfect time for fresh schools to appear.  They didn’t.

On to the Akwe…  it was still running pretty dark,  but there were no large schools visible anywhere along the entire 10 miles to the confluence.  Just a few pockets of 6 or so here and there – barely qualifying as “schools”.  I didn’t see anything in the confluence hole,  but it was hard to see into the water there.  Deep and a mix of three different colors.

Middle Italio is looking really good this year as I mentioned when I posted the aerials last week.  There are 6 pronounced slots down at the mouth that should hold fish well this fall,  even with no hole anywhere near my cabin or the airstrip there.  I could see three of those lower slots holding about 20-30 fish a piece,  which was a far better sign than in any of the other rivers I flew.

The big bummer was the Old Italio…  Nice and clear,  but not a single fish ANYWHERE yet.  Nothing.  Nadda.  Zip.  Not even a pocket of humpies.  There were a few of them a couple weeks ago,  so anything that did enter the Old pushed up into the tributary creeks during the last flood.

Situk is slow,  but there are a few silvers coming in daily.  Seems to be only pinks upstream around 9 Mile,  so if you want silvers,  don’t bother going up there yet.  Eden and a friend went swimming out at Sawmill Cove and she said there were jumpers all over the place.  The 4 groups of fishermen didn’t seem overly impressed with the girls swimming in their fishing hole,  but what can you do?  :-)  It was a sunny day and the water was warm (by Alaska standards).

I have heard that the halibut fishing has slowed down too,  but had a report yesterday that said they were able to easily limit out on a charter with Reg Krkovich.  They also landed 15 saltwater silvers on that charter,  so some people out there are doing OK…  I think it is about being in the right place at the right time and your odds are good to be in that wrong place…

But hopefully things will change as we progress through the week…

What? A Fishing Report?

Yep!  Water flows are still pretty high,  but coming down gradually.  Haven’t had many fishermen through the shop since the rains hit,  but had a new group just arriving on this morning’s jet to buy a few flies.  Their lodging provider just came back through the shop to say they are really hammering the silvers at the lower landing!  Sounds like they are having a great first 1/2 day on the water!  First time to Yakutat,  so they had no expectations to start.

They have been our only customers today,  so not much else to report.  Wanted to get this posted,  for those of you who are ready for something unrelated to local politics…  Overcast but dry,  with about 600 CFS.

P9130020 P9130012 P9130028


Chris just stumbled into my office…  He is heading out to fish tonight.  Apparently the fishing is on fire at the lower landing right now!  Confirmation.  Looks like the run is on.